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Balinese Masks

Balinese masks have made possible the important mask performance rituals performed on the Indonesian island of Bali for over a thousand years.

Although many ancient societies used masks to celebrate their religions, Bali is one of the few places where the ritual art has never disappeared and is, in fact, thriving. Carvers are producing more beautiful and elaborate wooden masks than ever, and thousands of people worldwide collect these compelling Indonesian wood carvings.


Masks are used in the dance drama of Topeng, ancestral history, Bali Hindu religion, and satire of regional situations are combined with music, dance, song and mime to celebrate the heroes of the past and their relevance to the contemporary workaday world. Like other traditional Balinese dances, Topeng traces its roots to the golden ages of India and Java. The word Topeng is Javanese for “mask” or something that covers the face.

Balinese Masks We Have In Stock

Balinese Barong Mask

Bali Barong Masks

Barongs are characters from Balinese cosmology. There is more than one form that the Barong spirit takes. There are bear, tiger, and dragon Barongs as well as the more well known lion. Each region of Bali has a Barong.

Balinese Garuda Mask

Bali Garuda Mask

In addition to their superb craftsmanship and aesthetic beauty, authentic Balinese Garuda masks like these also bring with them a rich cultural significance. A Garuda mask hanging in your home or office offers strength and protection.

Balinese Ganesh Mask

Bali Ganesh Masks

These beautiful, hand-carved, hand-painted Balinese masks from Indonesia depict Ganesh in various ways as seen in the Indonesian culture. Each wood carved mask offers unique beauty and represents the  skill of the artist — acquired over a lifetime.

Balinese Hanuman Mask

Bali Hanuman Mask

In the Hindu cultures from which these wooden ceremonial masks come, Hanuman plays the  protector in the in the Hindu Ramayana Epic, a story of good prevailing over evil and is meant to teach a person how to face ordeals and conquer obstructions.

Balinese Pig King Mask

Bali Pig King (Boar) Masks

Balinese Pig Mask is hand carved from wood in Bali by talented carvers. The Pig King is a guardian or protector that is often hung over doorways or windows to stop evil spirits or demons from entering.

Balinese Naga Mask

Bali Naga Mask

Naga masks are ceremonial masks from Indonesia, and they play an important role in the culture of Bali, Sulawesi, Timor and other islands. Nagas are a spirit that is a combination of a dragon and a serpent. They help with good fortune and protection.

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