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About Arts of the World Gallery

By helping indigenous artists and cottage/small businesses we are encouraging the continuation of traditional ethnic art forms and techniques some that have existed for generations that can then be passes on to the next generation. This also keeps the younger people near their family and villages.

Ethnic Arts and Crafts - Salt Lake City

Gifts from Around the World

We are a small family-owned business that has been operating since 1990 and believe in encouraging human values of compassion, generosity, tolerance, and creativity.

Creativity is a sacred gift to humanity that brings about authentic and a direct connection between a diversity of people from the far reaches of the planet.

Leslie Trubetzkoy

Family Owned and Local

Our authentic, direct sourcing practices provides customers with a unique and educational shopping experience. The handcrafted products we sell includes many mediums. These are all produced with time honored traditional techniques.

Extensive Knowledge of the Ethnic Handicrafts

Balinese mask craftsman

Arts of the World Gallery’s mission is to provide access for individual and cottage in industries to a larger market than they might not have the opportunity to reach.

We hope by bringing the creative and spiritual expressions from many towns and villages to your town, village or city there will be growth in tolerance, education, inspiration, and connections that will help create a kinder more compassionate world for us all to live and thrive in.

Ethnic Arts - Salt Lake City

The Mission of Arts of the World Gallery, Salt Lake City

Arts of the World Gallery will continue this mission as long as we are able to create a win- win- win- environment for the artists, customers and a sustainable family business that is creating connections through creativity. The store was closed for a year due to our unprecedented pandemic, but is back ready to keep on bringing positive change and help to our beautiful planet, its people and animals.

We Continue This Mission

Balinese Masks Crafts People

Please visit your local home for global treasures

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802 South 600 East

Salt Lake City, UT 84102

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